StarWheel Gallery

Collection of 108 StarWheel Mandalas

Welcome to the StarWheel Gallery!

Meet a joyful family of 108 earth-born mandala beings
who joined us between 1985 & 2005.

More StarWheel babies are coming into earth life
to complete Aya's original vision of 12 series of 12 = 144
higher-dimensional "living holograms".

  ... Loving Faces of the Great Spirit
  Crop Circles in the Star Fields
Quantum Phi Vortices
Soul Mirrors & StarGates
Love Flowers ...

 Spiraling through the images with your inner eye,
invite yourself to celebrate
the multi-dimensional dance dawning for humanity:
  the Great Mandala of Creation.

Technical Notes: Starting with series #2, the size of the StarWheel paintings is 6 feet by 6 feet. The medium used is airbrushed acrylics on canvas, through multi-layered stencils. To date, over 9 series = 108+ StarWheels have been birthed. Each of the StarWheels comes with a mystical description ("Sutra"), a hiero-glyphic story-module ("Picto-Koan"), many depths of consciousness-expanding sacred geometries & activation codes...

... and an infinite smile of blissfulness mirroring Who We really Are.

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with Sutra and Picto-Koan
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