StarWheel Collection

StarWheel: 072 : 20:12 Kin - Celebration

Offering up a Global Flower of Celebration
whose fragrance rejoices the Universe.
The luminous Hosts of Heaven and the human guests of Earth
are communing at the Round Table.
Within the House of Many Mansions,
we are invited to a long prophesized house-warming party:
the Galactic Family welcomes its new members.
The human species is ascending into a collective focus
of Peace and Respect for Life.
The higher-dimensional frequencies are being precisely attuned,
like musical chords before the concert.
Our dear mother planet Gaia-Earth
is now seen, perceived & revered
within a much larger web of reality,
a kin community of consciousness.
Blessing the event from the four sky corners,
the Gateway Constellations bring in the four basic elements.
The Quintessence is Loving Light.
Tears of Joy upstream the Milky Way.

Images © 2007 by Aya