You, The Ultimate Mandala

"Mandalas" have been used in all cultures throughout history but they have been particularly developed in India. "Mandala", in Sanskrit, means "that which contains the Essence" and, traditionally, a Mandala is a sacred representation of the Universe as well as the pilgrim’s roadmap to walk the Self.

For the Mandala practitioner, the seed-shape of the Universe IS the seed-shape of the Higher Self. In other words, the Self is the mandala of the Universe. The call then is to find a way to re-harmonize the human personality (body-mind) with its Original Source. This is the function of the Mandala design which acts like a "plug" for the body-mind to lock back into harmony with the Self-Universe.

A Mandala can therefore be perceived multi-dimensionally:

  • at a universal level: a radionic photograph of the cosmos, a snapshot of God...
  • at a micro-cosmic level: the stars in the grains of sand, the flowers in the atom...
  • at a psycho-cosmic level: the spiral of consciousness dancing realities & Reality...
  • or at any mundane level: architectural plan, molecular chemistry diagram, social cluster, mating dance of the bird, weather pattern, musical creation...

But, this is still about the un-committed observer looking at the Mandala of Being from the outside and recoiling from full embrace.

The TRUE function of the Mandala is to trick the observer in you by weaving a vortex-field for your sense-perception to loose itself into it. In a way, a Mandala is a higher-level safety net designed to ensnare sensory perception into such a tight focus and to so dissolve it that consciousness will snap out of 3-D and home into the "other side" (the un-spatial / un-timal womb of the Self).
Hence, an answer to the Zen koan: a mandala is the Face of Emptiness.

For those who are getting bored to "observe only", Mandalas are an entire technology offering actual instruments ("Yantras" as simplified short-cuts of "Mandalas") usable to reshape / remodel body-mind energies into Consciousness energy.

A Mandala is a multi-dimensional zoom-lens
laying out a bridge from physical perception to spirit communion.

But the Mandala is only fulfilling this function if the user surrenders to and completely enters the Harmonic Alignment of Body-Mind / Universe / Self as One Being of Love.

A Mandala will thoroughly test the degree of Trust within the seeker after Oneness. Then, the Mandala-Within-You will offer you a training pool for cosmic swimming.

It all comes down to this: you have got to jump deep into the Sacred Pool of Life-Consciousness, no matter how tenacious your resistance or how elaborate your avoidance. Your Mandala is a window into the Vortex-of-NOW: moment after moment, it is lovingly getting you re-acquainted with Who You Are. How much of Yourself can you take ?
Humble and Majestic Being
Of No-Being
Beginning and End of No-Motion
You Are

Can you feel it ? The evolutionary waves are building a tidal pressure behind you. So, you might as well turn your conscious observation into full Co-Creation. The tiny ego’s eye-window enlarges into a cosmic glass-dome. Then,

The Swirling
Mandala Womandala

The StarWheels, in their neo-mandala style, are contemporary Sacred Tools of In-Itiation. They provide ancient - new evolutionary templates for Consciousness. They are computer codes of a coming kind for creating / modulating the frequency-field Hologram of Creation.

By harmonizing frequencies (opening to Love), the StarWheels broadcast a global invitation to Synaesthesia (unification of sensory channels i. e. shapes, colors, textures, sounds, fragrances and tastes become One Field of perception) as a body-based appetizer for transcending cone-and-rod perception and embracing Source-Realization.

The StarWheels are basic training in Oneness, a post-graduate (posthuman) kinder-garden playground. But, do not get attached to them - they are true partners:

Mandalas will dissolve as soon as you become full RADIANCE.

"Con-template", says the You-Mandala:
You are the Temple, the Devotee
And the Source-Divine

As One