Walking the Radiance


Here are some considerations that came up
as the goal of creating vibratory fields designed
to shift perception / awareness
was merged with the realization of Being the Field itself
and Walking its Radiance.

  • The goal is not to provide more and more elaborate ways of gratifying physical or subtle / spiritual senses. Or else, as vibratory artists, we are bound to become a new species of sophisticated drug-pushers offering misleading illusions. When the technology will be available to offer astral trips on order, watch out for the rush: a sure boom in the vacation business but will it bring users closer to their Pervasive & Original Happiness or will it only give them new reasons and means to avoid facing the Self ?
  • As spiritually enclined as we would like to be, we are still driven by a need to succeed: the fascination to pursue and reach a spiritual goal. Of course, we choose goals that are commendable and preferably unusual: sonic healing, vibratory psychedelism or kundalini bliss... but the process / attitude is identical: we run away from what we perceive as "painful" and race towards the "pleasurable". We seek the next consolation. We are still reactive and goal-oriented.
  • Inasmuch as we are successful, we risk to be trapped in the sweet illusion of accomplishment and to find ourselves striving for ever better enlightenment, ever better manipulation of perception or vibratory control of matter / biology.

There is nothing to accomplish, to seek or to pursue
except to let go and release
the drive to accomplish, seek, pursue or succeed.

  • Blindly following the swing of the cosmic pendulum, we tend to think that spiritual perception is the goal and we cling to it because we paid for it in terms of discipline, focus and knowledge.

All we have to do is release the drive to perceive.

  • We do not need to accumulate all the many possible experiences in order to understand "Experience" as an illusion.

Real success is not reached in so many steps.
Its instantaneous and stunning:
We already are the Beginning and the End.
There is no more action, no more reaction:
the waves cease to exist altogether

Primordial understanding is not only to realize illusion;
it is to stop reacting to illusion,
because you simply stop perceiving it

Release the seeking.
Let go of reaching for the baby bottle or the hug.
Free yourself from grabbing the security handle.

Stop creating yourself as a problem.
Stop seeing yourself as incomplete, needy or unemployed.

Stop looking for the myriad subtle entertainments
as consolations for your assumed misery.
Erase the false programming
that you ever fell out of Paradise

Whatever you seek will forever escape you.
Whatever you study, research or even focus upon
will forever elude you

until you let go of your need for it.

Whenever you create or define an object, you are in disharmony.
As long as you are seeking the Truth, the Tool or the Experience,
you will remain a frustrated seeker or researcher.

You will never win playing hide & seek;
you will only become better experts at hiding from Yourself.

The Truth is You: walk it, love it and radiate it.

The truth is not in your perception,
however sophisticated and multi-dimensional it becomes.
The truth is not in front of you,
in your future as an extension of your time-line.
The truth is not above you,
in the upper skies as an expansion of your space.

Whomever, human or divine, you are longing for
will forever laugh you away.

You are the Ulti-mate.

You are what you are seeking
and the One you are looking for.
You are the Treasure,
you are the Tool, the Experience and the Partner.

You are the total Field of Being:
Just seed Yourself.

You are all the Radiance there is!