The SW Mirrors of Self

From lap-top StarWheels to the built-in Self:
a vortex journey into the Magic Mirror...

Briefly stated, the StarWheels mandalas are portable Sacred Mirrors, reflecting the many faces of Self.

Projected upon the 2-D flatland of a canvas, the StarWheels are cross-sections of in-formation memory-bubbles from higher-dimensional libraries of consciousness codes. Because they are using the telepathic language of color-sound frequencies set in the spiral-vortex format of the "mandala", the StarWheels can be accessed from any perspective of consciousness: universal, planetary or personal.

They will mirror the level and focus of your own Attention.

On a Universal Level, the StarWheels are a collection of galactic archives, sampled over a large range of dimensional densities. They are:

  • interfaces between Earth’s sacred sites and stargate alignments
  • snapshots of extra-terrestrial sacred sites
  • architectonic maps of cosmic creation codes and cycles
  • galactic / extra-galactic evolutionary gateways
  • records of ancient-future star civilizations
  • crop-circles within the star-fields
  • mandalic portraits of higher-dimensional beings / energy clusters...

The StarWheels remind us that we are the Universe

On a Planetary Level, the StarWheels are modeling new patterns of consciousness for the dawning Galactic Civilization on Earth. They help to:

  • seed the collective consciousness of humankind with universally-atuned archetypes, morphic fields, behavioral signals...
  • activate higher remembrance of Earth’s cosmic history
  • re-pair cellular/DNA programs for direct codes of Love-Oneness, Respect for Life, Sharing of Abundance, Celebration... for generations to come
  • re-open telepathic communications within the human brain
  • Map-out the mandalas for harmonious co-habitation and cooperation of all species upon the planet
  • inspire humans with new spectra of color-sound-form signatures
  •  encourage global scale awareness of the planetary time-space geometries and energy grids

The StarWheels remind us that we are the Earth-Gaia

On a Personal level, the StarWheels are spirit maps for your cosmic journey. They:

  • reflect back to you the Call of Source
  • hub you in Origin Consciousness, beyond Light versus Dark
  • integrate / intergate your cosmic journey, beyond past lives and karma
  • give you and radiate spirit energy, in times of crisis
  • receive and store the gift of your joy, in times of happiness
  • answer your questions until you question no more
  • hold you up in the perpetual embrace of Love

The StarWheels remind us that we are the Self

Looking at a StarWheel is looking at your own Self,
framed in the shape of your very eye.
Then, you can wink
Let go of the looking
Let go of the on-looker
Just resting in Beingness
Between two cosmic breaths.