The StarWheel Manifesto

Envisioned during Christmas 1984 as a series of 144 Mandalas
based on the sacred geometry of 12 levels of 12,
the StarWheels are an expression
of the cosmic knowledge packagemade available to humankind
in order to guide and amplify the now-going dimensional shift.

More specifically, the StarWheels are a definite sequence of telepathic information mandala-disks, scaled-up (and slowed-down) to a frequency appropriate for human vibrational perception. These disks are encoded with precise keys to trigger brain activation/ transduction. They are intended to be shown to large numbers of people, both directly and through photographic / electronic reproduction as well as holographic animation.

Thus, the StarWheels are not "art", as usually understood.
Instead, they are partaking of the primordial Unified Field which, in the course of cyclic playing, broke down into the "specialties" of religion, art, science... Humankind is now recovering a lost awareness: Light Energy transmissions are a holonomic experience and can’t even be approached by separate exploration of their sources (religion), mechanics (science) or applications (art & technology). The spiral-vortex pattern of the StarWheels is the general framework of Holonomic Awareness as well as the particular resonant shape for Higher Consciousness communication.

The StarWheels can be looked at, but they prefer to interact with inner vision. Although blue-printed on a "flat-and-still" surface, they are designed to spring into animation if the on-looker modulates them with the Third Eye centers. This built-in key of "starting the wheel around" ensures that a section of the public will co-create the "artwork" and spin out of the StarWheels an inner connection between brain frequencies and appropriate Light harmonics.

Due to their size and focusing effect, the StarWheel mandala paintings are best suited for the wide halls and key wall surfaces offered by corporation headquarters, administrative buildings, libraries, airports, entertainment centers, universities, temples...

In the future of humankind’s evolution, special "cameras" will record StarWheels and thus help understanding the architectonics of Light frequencies activation codes. The use of large-scale holographic technologies will allow the creation of pulsating 4-and-higher dimensional fields (Healing and Initiation Chambers) in which the perceivers will enter in order to be modulated into new thresholds of consciousness.

See You then
AYA. 1985