The SW Creation Process

How Do You Create These Mandalas?

On Christmas day 1984, a higher-dimensional energy overlighted my being and seeded in my human consciousness the holographic codes for 144 mandala templates, to be called the "StarWheels".

This didn’t feel like an intrusion by an alien energy, but rather like an integration into a much larger Presence who switched on a very specific remembrance channel.

A gently "organic" encounter, yet infinitely powerful. Sort of suddenly sliding into the only possible "right" position and realizing: "Oh, yes, of course! How did I miss that all along ?"

The seeds reactivated during this vision have grown into a Garden: the StarWheel Mandala Collection.

New 2011 text: About Creative Inspiration

Here are a few field-notes about the StarWheel creation process.
They were gathered between 1985 and 1988
as my answers to the question:
"How do you create the StarWheels ?"

I rarely see in technicolor every detail of each new StarWheel Mandala, while sitting in a special screening room aboard my space ship. And would I really want to? To get "preview snap shots" along with requests for exact reproduction would, I believe, feel somewhat boring, if not frustrating, or even dangerous and inefficient.

  • Boring, because there would not be any creativity involved, only "passing the bucket along".
  • Frustrating, because I would never be able to faithfully render the living radiance of the original and I would probably take upon myself the "suffering" caused by this frequency-gap.
  • Dangerous, if I were to precognize the "final product mandala", I might be caught up in the precise reproduction of the details and loose track of the overall guiding principles.
  • Inefficient, because I would somehow "import" from another level an "alien" tool not designed to "run on 3-D energy". We could not really "plug it in" and it would not be doing the job of assisting Humanity.

So, there is no "xerox channeling" in the StarWheel creative process. However, there is, for each new StarWheel Mandala, a very definite and intelligent blueprint that is activated and progressively brought into manifestation until the clear-cut inner signal of complete "recognition" rings the finality of the design.

I believe that a mandala has to be brought into incarnation, just like a higher-dimensional being has to be cast into a human body in order to co-create evolution. Each mandala has to be 3-D colored in a specific moment, in order to be fully harmonized.

I experience the creation of the StarWheels as a birth process: a seed-being is maturing within my creative womb as I make myself receptive to the guiding energy of a new StarWheel. Being receptive to the pregnancy means: to devote a lot of time to the new baby and to minimize disquieting circumstances in my life.

One challenge for me is to honor the timing of the pregnancy / creation process and let go of any impatience regarding a pre-set timetable. Each StarWheel knows when to push through and when to stand still. I am only serving them as they are synchronized with collective cycles and rhythms.

When the time has come to be pregnant again (and babies are lining up with almost no time in between), I do enjoy the step-by-step process of birthing. It makes me feel One with the Universe. I know that each pregnancy happens simultaneously: on cosmic levels, on human evolutionary levels and on the very personal levels of the synchronicities involved during the creation of the design. Then, there is the certitude that the coming mandala will bring a harmonic resonance with & within the Totality, add another blossoming flower to the Garden.

With a grateful sense of wonder, I enjoy the ever renewed & child-like discovery of the "next baby of the Universe". In fact, an exciting celebrative moment in the process is the "unveiling": that is when the stencil is finally removed and I get to see the completed mandala. This is my reward, the instant when the StarWheel is truly born within this realm... with a full consciousness of its origins.

I have often been amazed by how precisely each component / step of a StarWheel generates the next, without - and sometimes against - my technical / tactical mind. "Mistakes" within what should be the logical course of a design have proven again & again to be highly creative promptings that can introduce entire new dimensions into the StarWheel.

Technically, the new StarWheel is first designed on a 6' x 6' grid paper (ten divisions to the inch) with a large-size phi-based drawing compass, a straight edge and some circle/ellipse templates. A meditative clearing and offering precedes and ends each session. The completed design is then turned into a 3-layers stencil which is cut off with an x-acto knife. The canvas is prepared, mounted and primed to receive the background colors. Then, through the cut stencil overlaid upon the canvas, the appropriate colors are progressively airbrushed, with the help of various masks. Sometimes, sub-layer stencils are used.

When the SW painting is completed, time has come for the "unveiling ceremony" - the removal of the stencil and the view of the  mandala as a whole.  A few friends are invited and it is celebration time...

Creating sacred tools is a key process at a time when the original cosmic script for this planetary evolution is undergoing a radical and grand rewriting. The Actor involved is the exquisitely infinite Love-Intelligence of Universal Source and the advanced co-creative impulse of the original StarSeeders. Sometimes this is manifested by the exalted feeling of "surfing right on the galactic beam" or by the higher pranic tingling of felling One with the Web of Life; sometimes it is personalized by guiding presences infusing their energy field into our life, but more and more it is revealed as incarnated knowledge blossoming from within the human-cosmic core spirit program that humanity carries as the Hidden Treasure.

Humankind is pregnant with a new species: Starkind.

The StarWheels are contributing midwives.