The StarDome

"Star-Dome" is the name given to the StarWheel
Interactive Holo-Theater vision and project:
an innovative museum-temple,
sacred site of healing and initiation.

In ancient Greece, a "museum" was a place of magical encounter with the nine Muses of art and inspiration, an opportunity to explore creativity and to fulfill spirit. Nowadays, although there are growing exceptions of innovative interactivity and exploratorium-like enticements, a museum is still mostly a deluxe storage to protect investments in the form of "art valuables" and to display them, in secure window-cases, to large crowds of hurried on-lookers. In most modern museums, the original unity of creation between the artist and the artwork is turned into the opposite: a separation between the art "object" and the visitors who are only allowed to "observe" and sternly warned not to "touch".

And so, modern museums, instead of teaching and nurturing creativity,
are oftentimes reinforcing old patterns:

  • separation art/life. "Art is not part of normal daily life. First, deal with life, and then, to recover, go watch movies or art... Work through your grungy jobs and then take a day off to attend an exhibit opening..." Such an attitude only perpetuates a schizophrenic/escapist life-style of stress.
  • alienation from personal creativity by emphasizing observation at the expense of participation. People are encouraged to project their creative imagination into past artistic achievements instead of co-creating a present-time art-oriented new culture.
  • the false belief that art is exclusively reserved to the few "specialists", whether they are actual "artists" or mere art "critics". The "Fountain of Creativity" within is easily overlooked.


In view of the lack of creative / transformational interaction offered by existing museum institutions, there is an urgent need for other forms of "museums": namely "creative" and "experiential" playgrounds presenting interactive references to the artistic inheritance of humankind and also offering a variety of novel creative set-ups. The visitors would be called to tap into the artist within and become full participants in the activation, animation, continuation and re-creation of art pieces as vibrational fields with modulable components of sounds / color / shape / texture / fragrance frequencies. Science Exploratoriums and Children’s Museums are current expressions of this collective need to re-own creativity.

In line with this future trend, the StarDome / StarWheel Interactive Holo-Theater would thus be a place to directly experience "In-spiration" and openly call in the muses within. Both public and artists would drop roles and, together, participate in, explore and co-create innovative developments involving multi-sensory / multi-media environments - all forms of interactive mandalas. The overall call being to re-create a culture of Sacred Arts on this planet.

Drawing from the sacred wisdom of past cultures as well as from the resources of cutting-edge holographic technologies, new cosmic mythologies, new flowers of ceremonial global theater would blossom in the Earth garden.



The StarDome / StarWheel Interactive Holo-Theater is envisioned as a mandala-shaped architecture whose structure itself would speak of its purpose: an open invitation to experience the healing creative power of Sacred Art as "vibratory fields".