Sedona Yoga Shala 2015 Bio

Aya's Bio / Sedona Yoga Shala / September 2015

Aya Sheevaya

Aya is a Global Renaissance artist and Celebration yogi, known as the creator of the StarWheel neo-mandalas. The founder of the educational non-profit StarWheel Foundation and of the online School of Sacred Geometry, Aya holds the vision of an International Campus of Celebratory Arts.

A native of France, Aya commenced his professional life as Attaché to the French Embassy in Singapore. While at the embassy he realized that his life calling was to be an ambassador of the universal spirit, rather than a diplomacy executive... Quitting his career, Aya embarked on a long vision quest that took him around the world to visit a variety of sacred locations & peoples and to receive inspiration & transformation from many spiritual teachers.

In 1985, in Santa Monica, CA, Aya was graced with a life-changing spiritual vision prompting him to create a family of airbrushed neo-mandala paintings: the “StarWheels”. This unique collection of harmonic geometry templates, with a galactic overtone, now comprises 108 large paintings. The whole series can be seen on the gallery of the website ( and has been published in Japan in a Tarot deck format (


Moving to Sedona, Arizona, in 1997, Aya has been involved with many sacred arts projects, classes & community events as well as the Peace Garden Arboretum. In 2005, Aya founded the School of Sacred Geometry ( offering online access to an Encyclopedia of Sacred Geometry, a certification option and personal coaching.

Aya’s visionary dream, supported by his non-profit educational organization, The StarWheel Foundation, is the co-creation of an international eco-village teaching and celebrating the "Arts of Life": yogas, meditation, eco-organic life-styles, cooperation & community spirit, loving kindness, creative sacred arts, harmonic wisdom, laughter & playfulness... As a green, sustainable environment, the Campus will encourage young people of all nations to develop their universal consciousness and thus contribute to a new, spirited, life-respecting global civilization on Earth (

After his re-discovery of Yoga, Partner Yoga and AcroYoga, Aya took his Yoga Teacher's Training in Bali in 2012 and is now blissfully dancing the Body Divine. Aya is currently the Jam coordinator for Sedona and a teacher of yoga and yoga swing asanas.

Blessings of Celebration!

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