Sedona: 10,000 Temples

Sedona The Valley of the Ten Thousand Temples


View of Cathedral Rock, at Oak Creek crossing

In my visionary (or just awake?) moments, I join with other "go-get-the-dream" pioneers and see Sedona, Arizona, as a future Valley of the Ten Thousand Temples... just like other sacred sites around the world, like the site of Pagan, in Burma (Myanmar), where spiritual pilgrims and seekers, a thousand years ago, established, on the bank of the Irrawaddy river, a imposing and glorious landscape of shrines, pagodas, ashrams, hermitages and temples to celebrate the Beauty of Life and the Great Spirit of All Nature dwelling in each being...

In addition to the natural sacred sites of the red rocks, rivers, vortices and places of strong cosmic energy, there are now, in Sedona, intentional sacred sites built by people... In ancient times, these were the ceremonial circles of the Medicine Wheels, sand paintings and other "open sky temples" built and maintained by the native American Indians to propitiate Mother Earth and bring about her Cosmic Wedding with Father Sky, thus partaking of the endless abundance of Life...  These ancient sites are still alive and waiting to dispense their gifts to the eager vision quester.  But, as new layers of consciousness appear so do new layers of sacredness and we now have various visionary groups and people from around the world converging in Sedona to create new temples, new places of energy transfer activation and new ways of anchoring spirit in daily human life… thus bringing back for our times the universal Dance of Celebration.

Essentially, each one of us IS a sacred site and we are learning, in this earth classroom, how to vision quest ourselves first... Each one of us IS a symbolic Sedona, a perfect mirror of the universal Source Of All, a holy confederation, a landscape of Great Union between spirit and these human body temples...

YES, the wheels of global evolution & destiny are spiraling in and thru this magnificent planet world... Many solutions are re-invented and start being implemented all over, even if they are not yet very visible on the outside... many people are quietly diving into navigating their destiny for the benefit of others... the old layers of ego-only motivations are peeling off to reveal the incomparable joy and rewards of spontaneous, totally dedicated, compassionate, free-of-attached-strings and loving service to Mother Earth, to the new generations of Galactic Earth Students, to the neighbor next door who has not smiled for over a year, to the free flower serenely surrendering to become a fruit...

YES, the undercurrent bubbling in all of us is a tsunami of renewal...
It all starts within...

•    In the way we will ourselves to consciously walk the earth, feeling the kiss of our feet upon the ground and learning again how to tread our mother lightly, letting ourselves be guided by the songline paths we are rediscovering all over the world thru our journeys...
•    In the way we consciously breathe, feeling the drum beats of our hearts and how they all harmonize with the drum beat of the universe, knowing the power of this exhale - inhale polarity connecting us to the larger pulse of the universe, this manifestation & de-manifestation on an unimaginably long cosmic cycle...
•    In the way we see and perceive "reality" or could it be only the reality of how we limit our perception ? Which reality do we choose then?
•    In the way in which we extend the range, focus and reach of our senses: vision, hearing, touch, smell, taste...  and how they open up into our higher senses of clairvoyance, clairaudience, intuition etc...
•    In the way we learn to watch our thoughts and this tricky ally called the mind... Who is in charge of the inner weather patterns?  Which seeds are we planting in this plasmic field of quantum possibilities?  Are we just farming life for our personal gratification or for the benefit of the whole pod?
•    In the way we feed ourselves with vibrational energy: raw living foods delivering full life force blasts, pure and zingy water, ecologies of balance between elements, harmonic environments and dwellings in resonance with our heightened frequencies, positive social settings and, again, peace in thoughts, emotions and intentions…

We are all finding out, for as much as we resist it at first, that the way to Happiness is to disappear to the tiny little ego self...  We are all finding out that we ARE sacred sites: we are circumambulating ourselves from the external concerns to the internal holy center... We are all walking our own labyrinth, progressively reaching a center of growing and cascading light

... and our biggest joy and bliss
eventually becomes gifting others with full love
and infinitely growing back to spirit size.
YES, we are universe...
Whether you come to the physical location of Sedona is irrelevant... as long as you pilgrimage yourself and honor your full self by birthing a life of universal presence, by being a child born from the cosmic Man-Woman within, the male and the female spirals of Bliss…

This is what Sacred Sedona means to me...

You are hereby invited
to come visit this Inner Sacred Sedona
and share your blessings...



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Sedona Visionaries Unite!!!

Sedona, Arizona: A Global Spiritual Community
Emerging Visionary Educational & Cultural Projects in Sedona:

What: Multi-media presentation and community networking sponsored by Aya and the StarWheel Foundation, a non-profit educational organization. Representatives of the various organizations & projects will be available at information tables.
Entertainment, live music and celebration dancing.

StarWheel Foundation
P. O. Box 3714
Sedona, AZ 86340


 Some of the projects to be presented include:
The StarWheel School of Mandalas & Sacred Arts and the Sedona School of Sacred Geometry
The Sedona Vedic Cultural Center Project
Gardens for Humanity Greening Programs
Hi-Max Theater Spiritual Programs
Raw Spirit Festival 2008
The Institute of Cultural Awareness Reach-Out Projects



In the last ten years, Sedona, Arizona, has become a global hub of spiritual culture & education. For an increasing number of american & international visitors to Sedona, the power and beauty of the surrounding natural landscape & rock formations is a jump-start to seek the beauty and power within their own spiritual nature.


Sedona, Arizona is not only becoming a global site of pilgrimage but is also turning into a thriving university of the spirit. New healthy life-styles & mind-sets, new technologies of holistic integration, new ways to process psychological & emotional challenges, breakthroughs in subtle energy detection, a vast array of alternative medical support... all blend with native american and world-wide traditional ceremonies ans spiritual knowledge to create within the greater Sedona a unique and living laboratory of the future.


Educational & cultural visionary realizations and projects abound in Sedona, as nurtured by the spirit of the place. Some are quite grounded and well known, some are only emerging but deserve to be known and supported. This evening's program will weave together the many creative strands within this community and show how Sedona may well be role-modeling a new global culture of eco-spiritual awareness and respect for life.


Many of the new visions and projects need support to make their gift blossom to their full extent. Every being, in this cosmic human adventure on planet Earth, has a specific role. This evening will focus on bringing together all the visions, people and resources necessary to make these projects a coherent and efficient success on the scene of global education & service. Everyone of us, at this time of collective evolution, is now called to fully embrace their unique contribution. Let's make it a most joyful co-creation!