The Revival of Sacred Arts

Sacred Geometry and the Sacred Arts
are currently experiencing a surge of public interest
sweeping across disciplines (including leading-edge science),
walks of life and life-styles.


In the artistic community, a growing number of artists are now re-discovering the power of "Sacred Art" as they research or are exposed to traditional and contemporary ways to manifest and share "Sacredness" in a culture.

This new trend results from personal journeys of transformation (vision quests), as new generations are becoming more aware of the spiritual responsibility and integrity inherent in art. Art is again recognized as a path of personal initiation and a way of global service to others.

The old standards of creativity dictated by the highly commercial "art market" are left behind by those who want to pioneer the new realms of creativity where collective symbols and universal archetypes speak a language beyond commodities.
The cosmic inter-connectedness of the Web of Life, the omni-presence of Spirit and the continuum matter-energy-consciousness are the new incentives now sparking artistic creativity.
These have been, from time immemorial,
the main concerns of sacred cultures.

In the domain of sound/music, the ancients knew that some musical "modes" have specific effects on listeners. Nowadays, we have Sonic Bloom for plants and a variety of sound healing techniques for people.
The same is true for shapes, volumes, textures, colors, aromas... and therefore for "artwork". All these sensory parameters can be composed like musical pieces in order to have profound effects on people: all you need to do is learn or sense how to "play" them. As human beings, we are complex sets of vibrational fields: the sensory data going into our perception channels are not neutral but do impact & modulate the delicate fabric of how we feel, what we think and Who We Are.

Doing "sacred art" is keying into the Creative Act with the conscious intention to bring about unity, harmony and spirituality. By resonance, the Sacred Art object or ceremony will transfer the appropriate frequency codes into the vibratory energy matrix of the participants, thus multi-plexing the cosmic symphony.

But, there is more. In addition to the conscious intention of offering trans-formation, Sacred Art also relies upon the knowledge (traditionally transmitted, inspired or directly experienced) that certain specific shapes, tones, rhythms, colors, fragrances and combinations thereof are "keys" to consciousness expansion, ascension-descension and Beingness.

In the areas of shapes and volumes, mandalas as circles / spheres are a specific set of visual Sacred Art. Due to their centripetal format (leading to the Center), they have a built-in inter-dimensional vortex effect always ready to re-focus consciousness. They are not just "resonators" but also "activators".

When mandalas carry the appropriate activations,
they are "double-sided":
they give access to the "other side"
and therefore they are twice sacred.