You Are Invited To A Date

Brief Instructions on The Ancient Art of Mandala Dating

You might as well get used to date a Mandala.


Mandalas are alive and make good partners: they will engage you in a multi-level dance. To meet a mandala is to enter into a relationship that will evolve according to your openness to Love.

Mandala dating is good practice for relating to self or others . Mandalas are versatile partners that will respond to many of your desires. Mandalas are synchronistic allies, closer to yourself than you imagine.

"They" might even be "You".


  • Mandalas are mirrors. They will be your self-portrait. They will patiently reflect your projections but in a way that is both holographic and cross-dimensional. You will receive self-feedback and understand yourself as a continuum perceived under different angles and at various magnifications. Mandalas are magic mirrors.
  • Mandalas are the active partner from whom you ask and receive activating energies. You will pick up from the mandala-that-you-are-dating specific evolutionary / transformative impulses that will directly affect your current personal life and/or will be stored in time-release layers of your aura.
  • Mandalas are the passive partner, the door to enter so you can experience your other polarity. Mandalas are totally available, an ocean of permission to sail and know. They will show you how infinite you are, as living beacons of freedom. They have the unconditional love of flowers.
  • Mandalas are the nurturing partner. They will offer you a supportive and safe embrace to coalesce and nest your being into.
  • Mandalas are the picture of your lover you are carrying around within your heart.
  • Mandalas are the teaching partner showing you how to switch behavior and let go of shadows. By spinning the wheel around you will understand the weaving of energies and will become skilled as an architect of Harmony.
  • Mandalas are, finally and originally, the Transparent Presence, the moment of Vast Fusion, the sweeping Joy of Being. They will disappear for you to BE...


NOW, watch out: you might become
a walking mandala, interfacing the worlds
and containing the whole of Creation.

You might start DATING YOURSELF