Sacred Arts Library & Data Base

As an interactive component of the School of Mandala Arts, a Mandala Library & Data Bank is envisioned in order to gather & make available to researchers the world-wide variety of mandala knowledge used by ancient as well as contemporary cultures.

This information is fast disappearing and needs to be preserved by:

  • collecting / duplicating published documents & data revisiting archives, historical & anthropological repositories and safeguarding important documents & data.
  • inviting donations of libraries & documents pertaining to mandalas
  • gathering records of traditional mandala ceremonies & practices.
  • support living representants of these traditions in the sharing of their knowledge.
  • support explorative journeys to places & cultures
  • still using traditional mandala practices.
  • build experimental models of mandala designs & systems.

The Mandala Library (printed information) is supplemented by a Data Bank collecting & organizing all other forms of media: audio visual (audio tapes & CDs, slides, movies, videos), digital (cd-roms, DVDs, mandala-making software, internet files...), ... and possibly soon holographic...

Reproductions are made available in "giclee" form (a museum-quality 12-colors on demand printing technique) from the Mandala Image Bank and offered for sale in the StarDome Shop.

A Mandala Library Website will offer a cyber gateway to the information collected in the Mandala Library.