Fund Raising Letter to the Universe

Fund Raising Campaign for the acquisition  
of a property in the Sedona area to be the location of
the Sedona School of Sacred Arts & Sacred Geometry

Dear Friends of Aya, the StarWheel Mandalas and the Sacred Arts,

As you may know I have held the dream and intention to establish a School of Sacred Arts & Sacred Geometry in Sedona, Arizona, ever since my arrival here in 1997.  I have been working diligently towards this goal,  teaching classes in the Sedona area as well as creating many sacred events and spaces, such as labyrinths & medicine wheels.

In my vision of the future, Sedona is the “Valley of the Thousand Temples”, a Global School and Spiritual Garden to explore and share the new, fast blossoming paradigm of Peace  & Respect for Life,  in the context of a larger,  ever expanding human consciousness of Galactic scope.

The Children are our main Gift and Hope for this future. They deserve the best of our support and educational resources to help them learn and re-invent the Sacred Arts & Traditions of planet Earth. They deserve to be fully encouraged in using the visionary creativity, perennial wisdom and pioneering spirit seeded in their eager awareness. They will be the Earth Keepers & Leaders in one short generation.

I am calling on you, Friends & Supporters of the StarWheel Vision, as well as all philanthropists interested in educational projects... to help me purchase a property for my long-time dream of this School of Sacred Arts & Sacred Geometry in Sedona.

Tax-exempt donations to the non-profit StarWheel Foundation (established in 1991) can be made on line ( or by checks (to the address below). I am also looking for friendly loans against the StarWheel Collection.

Thank You for your ongoing co-creation of this global Blossoming of Consciousness.

Many Blessings to You
& All,



The StarWheel Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit educational organization
PO Box 3714 – Sedona, AZ 86340