Call for the Earth Mandala


We are the Human Family,
Dwellers upon Mother Earth,
A cosmic dancer spinning thru galactic space...
The start of a new millenium is like the traditional time of harvest in the fields. It is the time to look at the fruits of our human history and assess, in full honesty, our ways of tending the Earth Garden and of living together as a kin family.

ARE we going to repeat, like zombies, the destructive old patterns of hatred, revenge, greed and exploitation of each other? -these instinctual reactions of the reptilian brain that have brought us, for grim eons, a quasi-permament state of warfare and sorrow ...

ARE we going to let our proud animalistic ego continuously leading our individual and collective lives? -stubbornly sitting on our puny territories & possessions and viciously kicking around to defend and aggrandize them.

OR, are we going to be bold conscious beings, enacting the love of Life? -courageous new pioneers daring to break away from millenia of past programming and finally standing up as free beings, set upon deciding a constructive course of collective history...

HOW ABOUT launching a 21st century where our deep & intimate dreams can be given a chance: Happiness, Peace, Respect for Life, Beauty, Creativity, Truth & Spirit of Celebration?

HOW ABOUT acting as free people: women & men & children of all races and colors and religions and cultures holding hands together and co-creating NOW the Earth Mandala Garden?


What Happened to our Proclaimed Ideals?

HAVE we entirely forgotten the insights & ideals of "universal good will" that inspired our Founding Fathers (and Mothers !) in the course of the human civilization? Have the Statements of Freedom /Justice / Equality, the Declaration of Independence and the Charter of the United Nations become disposable wall-paper in the contemporary commodity-oriented western world?

ARE we now, in the name of the holy stock-market, "free trade" & "global business interests", condoning foreign policies that apply double standards and treat "others" & Mother Nature in ways we would never accept to be treated ourselves?

WHY exactly are we, worldwide, extensively training "special forces" and "intelligence agents", funding known "terrorist" governments and groups, while, smilingly, grossing untold billions in arms (and drugs) business?

DO we really still believe that human beings all over the earth, no matter their looks, are our "brothers & sisters"? Be honest! Or are they just remote "data" on computer screens and amusing dolls when we go on exotic safaris?

DO we still see that we all share this jewel of a planet? Are we really taking that into account in our daily life, actions, thoughts & prayers?

DID we -the 5% or 10 % elite- turn into complete hypocrites and selfishly benefit from ever increasing luxuries & wasteful gadgets, while myriads are facing genocide, starvation, sickness, loss of freedom and the grim pursuit of un-happiness... ?

ARE we going to sheepishly give thanks for being micro-chipped, tracked down in every move & thought, fed sterile GMO, "sweet" aspartame & "irradiated" meals, prescribed expensive drugs with multiple "side-effects", given the "creative" option of "designer babies" who will be members of the elite-race club, and, in our holy moments, be submerged in 3D proxy thrillers? All that while driving shiny gas-guzzling credit-bought SUVs with GPS computers? And listening to the "fast frequencies" of xth generation cell-phones ?

ARE we realizing the full impact, for this and coming generations, of the "corporate future" dangled in front of us as the next step in human "happiness and progress"?

ARE we increasingly shying away from personal relationships with our friends, partners, spouses, kids, neighbors and "strangers"? Setting ourselves up in an alienated, schizophrenic but "safe" mindscape "gated tower" -yet bitterly ranting about being lonely?

ARE we living a proxy life, totally cut off from our cosmic roots and crowns? And fearfully removing ourselves from direct contact with Life as "others" and "Nature"?


ARE we almost programmed out of our humanness and beingness,
without even noticing it?
ARE we living a gigantic lie, instead of living a gigantic Life?
IS that the true cosmic destiny of Humankind?


Urgent Call for a Politics of Global Sharing

ISN'T IT high time to stop being the fat & blind-folded "share-holders" the world is laughing at and lashing at? Giving carte blanche to the purposely remote & fuzzy complex of mega-corporations agendas - intelligence agencies operations - governmental policies... that want to exploit the world for the benefit of the few?

ISN'T IT TRUE that no share-holder wants to really know how they get their potential dividends, by which tortuous and roughless routes the money is reaped or lost ... ? and what might be the unreported dire effects and human toll of this mega-business that has the means and intent to be "above the rules"...

ISN'T IT high time to stop this complacent & hypocritical attitude of:
"Oh, we just get the interests and play gambling with the stocks -BUT we are not involved whatsoever with the decisions..."

DO YOU KNOW (or care ?) about the World Bank & multinationals pushing, worldwide, for the privatisation of WATER? To the point that, in 1999, small farmers in Cochambamba, Bolivia, had to buy permits (and pay a San-Francisco based corporation) to gather rainwater on their own property?
When are the "global powers" going to charge for "re-conditioned AIR"?

DO YOU KNOW that a Baby Foods Corporation has successfully used the World Trade Organisation to suppress a Guatemalan law that encouraged mothers to breastfeed their babies ? They claim "expropriation of trademark" and, of course, competition with their "products".

DO YOU KNOW that, during the Gulf War, the US and British / UN forces used 350 tons of "depleted uranium laced bullets" that become radioactive upon impact?

ISN'T IT high time to stop on this deadly track and reverse gears before the ever-increasing gap between the "wealthy" and the "have-nots" tips this planet over? Before the last drop of oil-blood is drained from Mother Earth and the last parcel of wilderness is raped?

OR, are "tactical nuclear heads" and "ethnically specific bio-weapons" going to bring the message of final silence to the majorities grumbling at the G-8s?

ISN'T IT urgent to open our eyes wide and clear and share responsibilities, instead of raking in political & financial interests? To WAKE UP as the Human Family?

"One man's gift must not become another's capital"
(Tribal wisdom)

DOESN'T IT make pressing sense that, if we benefit from the world, we also need to contribute to it in equal if not larger shares?


Sharing... is the only way to taste Infinity and its Justice.
Let us judge our success by what we give, without scheming a return.


WE NEED TO LEARN (or re-learn) the Golden Rule : how to approach and practice Global Love for each other, on the planetary & galactic scales. We need to re-learn how to dialogue with the "other", no matter what their bodies, beliefs & life-styles may be. Re-learn how to listen to our brothers & sisters with true family "interest". And lovingly find out about their needs & wants & gifts.
"You have seen your brother, you have seen your God"
(Christian wisdom -Clement of Alexandria)

HOW CAN WE be of service to other ourselves?

HOW CAN WE, as stewards of this magnificent world-garden, do (or undo) whatever is necessary to ensure the full manifestation of Justice, Equality and Freedom for all? We have the means, we only need a surging wave of international cooperation and co-creation...
Isn't it even more challenging than going to the Moon?


"A moment of Great Change is protected by the Giving of Gifts"
(Welsh wisdom)

THEN, we will not have "enemies" any longer and we will live without the paranoid fears of being "attacked"... The gift to pass on to our children is an era of global Peace, Sharing and Celebration of Humankind as One sparkling & glorious face of Spirit.

Abundance of Solutions
No one is powerless.

REMEMBER your dreams and glimpses of other parts of "You"? We are all multi-dimensional spirits visiting a 3D experience. We are all a unique & shimmering spark of The Spirit-Source that has been recognized & honored by all human cultures.

FROM THE VERY INSTANT we truly realize that we are part of the Whole Hologram, we do access and own the grace & power of Infinity.

INFINITY is beyond the dualistic dance of winning-losing and balancing the check-books... Beyond the implanted belief that we are hapless victims at the mercy of master foes...



Infinity is realizing that:
! All is actually possible Now !

This is an endlessly abundant Universe.

Solutions are plenty: it takes an open mind & heart to find many.
People of good will are plenty: it takes to be one to find many.

LET US look at the true world heroes who preceded us or dwell among us: the many women & men, known & unknown, who have chosen to further love & peace values rather than personal gratification. We need to be inspired by high-integrity role-models rather than fashion-made puppets...

HOW ABOUT the Western World waking up to a destiny of humbly stewarding the Earth, instead of arrogantly using & abusing it ? Let us match our great wealth and immense resources with an equally great sense of responsibility, instead of hoarding & draining the blood, sweat & treasures of the Earth peoples.

LET US create an Earth Council made of personalities globally honored as planetary citizens dedicated to Creative Peace...

HOW ABOUT implementing an Emergency Planetary Recovery Plan, as a bold way to launch the 21st century?

AND, IN COOPERATION with all people of good will, let us walk the Beauty road to find again our lost dignity, fulfill our true destiny and gain anew the respect of our children and generations to come!

AT OUR FULL DISPOSAL, we have here and now all the necessary tools, technologies, skills, workforce and good will needed to turn around this "world crisis" into an enthusiastic international wave of pioneering the build-up of a WORLD FRIENDLY-TO-LIFE.
  • MOTHER EARTH will dance with joy and immediately respond by nurturing all of us with unprecedented organic crops...
  • THE PEOPLES OF THE EARTH will find hope again and then reveal their bottled-up inheritance of wisdom, creativity and unique beauty.
  • SPIRIT and the other dimensions of the larger universe will applaud and say:
Our choices NOW will seal the coming Human History.
It is OUR time.


"Well done, Earth people !"