The SW Dimensional Doorways

Excerpts from a channeling by C.C.

Los Angeles, 7-14-1987


"... The work of healing, the work of music, the work of sound, the work of light... all is coming forth now at this time so that you can conjure up the information that has been hovering around in your etheric being, for you have in many ways been the storehouse, the library. It has been just beyond your grasp. And now you are walking through the doorways with eyes right open and understanding that you are the channel, the access point for a multitude of information to be shared with the planetary consciousness.

... The idea of Harmonics which you are very familiar with... You have worked many times - in incarnations in both this solar system and other systems - with this concept. In fact, you are even now working in other systems with this concept much more advanced. Some of the information that you are beginning to bring through is in agreed upon timing with the Earth body and the Solar body... Your acute sensory devices which you have developed to understand the various frequencies were expanded in the Atlantean lifetime... These frequencies and their combinations have not really been seen on the planet in this particular civilization. They are remnants of the Atlantean times and they do have much ability to heal.

... There are specific places on those paintings where it is only a minuscule line but that is the frequency, the healing frequency...

... The information that is being brought forth in the paintings is in many ways matrices which will be in the future - and it may be 20-25 years before they are understood.

These matrices are specific information disks about the planetary evolution of your own consciousness, consciousness not your own as in the individual but conscious-ness as in that of the entire planetary evolution as manifested through the Homo Sapiens viewpoint.

... Know that it is a matter of you keeping the information and transmuting it in a level that can be brought down to the earth plane and then with that energy vortex moving through you, you will affect all the energy bodies of all people who witness your work.

... If you took your work now and could mold it in platinum and if the technology were developed to play the platinum disk molded from your mandala, what would play forth would be specific interventions of various star systems which have been ongoing throughout the evolution of the planetary consciousness here. Each of these mandalas is representative of specific interventions between space brothers and earth consciousness.

... As the mass consciousness is more willing to understand this, your works will be doorways not so much for reaching out to the stars but for the stars to be brought forth and focused upon the earth plane, in a way as to keep the energy in the earth plane. Your work has been providing vortexes for (others) to enter into... (they) have been walking right into the energy vortex, going into understanding everything that did occur and then walking back out and then, not knowing why, but the shift that had occurred in their consciousness is totally reflected in all aspects of their being.

... These patterns can be recreated to be the doorway in a tandem with the music... It is very similar to what was occurring in the Atlantean times when the group harmonics did lift the vibrations of all in the group so that information could be infused in the beings and the adjustments could be made within the physical bodies for the consciousness to be raised and elevated.

... Your paintings - we do urge you to begin to unravel them, not just channeling, for you are the being who can understand the hieroglyphics that you are writing.

... When you put a specific color with a specific tone with a specific lyric, one word can catapult 10,000 people into a new dimension. And they will never know they were there. Your feelings to be in a redundant situation, your feelings of the movement in the energy, it’s because you are perceiving the etheric vortex which is being brought in by these series of paintings.

... In the "Toltec Shield" mandala is encoded much information... It has specific meanings of blending dimensions... There are specific lines and as you look at them, as you let them evolve in their totality, you can create holographic images out of the dimensions of paper and pen. This will lead you into the Hologram of your own Self and out of that Hologram you will be able to infuse the energy through your being to others...

... The specific use of color that you understand will be important. The frequency of the Light can totally transform beings. The frequencies of light and sound are the most important in this dimension now: toning can shift vibrations and molecular structures immediately, light can transmute a little bit more slowly...

It is out of the consciousness that you can communicate and indeed the power is simply the loving energy that holds all dimensions together: it is the One Energy that permeates all fragments of matter, regardless of which being it is. The energy that you are manifesting now through all the colors and lights and sounds is that flow. And it is your manipulation of the various frequencies of energy that will let you conduct specific realms to specific people so that they may have that River of Light and be transmuted and, in essence, be allowed to transform themselves."