Visionary Artist Aya

Short Bio 2008


Aya has been involved with the exploration & creation of sacred arts, the visit to & understanding of sacred sites and the teaching of sacred geometry for over 30 years.

A native of France, groomed in the finest French universities, including La Sorbonne and the Paris Institute of Political Sciences, for more than ten years, Aya commenced his professional life as Attaché to the French Embassy in Singapore. While at the embassy he realized that his career was to be an ambassador of the spirit via art, rather than a political ambassador.

Several years of world travel and explorations of various cultures and ways of life ensued. Following a pivotal spirit vision in 1985, in Santa Monica, CA, Aya developed a family of airbrushed mandala paintings called the “StarWheels”. This unique collection of colorful archetypal symbols and geometries comprises to date 108 paintings (6 ft by 6 ft), covering over 4,000 square feet. The StarWheel vision calls for another 36 paintings to be completed, for a grand total of 144 visionary templates. A comprehensive website ( displays the entire collection, as well as many documents about the “StarWheel Vision” and the StarWheel Foundation’s educational projects involving the sacred arts.

Moving to Sedona, Arizona, in 1997, Aya has been involved with sacred arts classes & events, mandala making, ceremonial site development, labyrinth making and his budding Sedona School of Sacred Geometry. Aya has had several StarWheel art exhibits, has offered community awareness events at the Sedona Library, has co-created green projects with Gardens for Humanity & Adele Seronde, was a speaker at the Sacred Geometry Conference in Sedona in 2002, co-designed several labyrinth sites (The Lodge at Sedona, Magos’ Ranch and the recent Chartres-type labyrinth at Angel Valley Retreat Center), and has been on the management team of the Raw Spirit Festival in 2006, 2007 & 2008.

As a spirited artist and a mystic, Aya’s life has been dedicated to the global service of humanity and to sacred arts education.  The beauty of the red rocks in and around the open-sky temple of Sedona has called him because of its vortex energy and sacredness, just like it has previously attracted many generations of American Indians.  Aya realized ten years ago that Sedona was progressively becoming a global spiritual university for many people from around the world. He is now looking for the best ways to harmonize these various strands of a new global culture that is focusing on respecting life and honoring spirit. This includes setting up in the Sedona area a home-base for the School of Sacred Arts & Sacred Geometry he is envisioning.

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