Profile for an Art Agent & Manager

The StarWheel Collection of Mandala Paintings by Aya

Dear friends,

I am looking for an art agent to discuss the business potential of my collection of StarWheel mandala paintings: 108 pieces airbrushed on canvas, mostly 6 feet by 6 feet. This is my lifetime work, a body of colorful visions, covering over 4,000 square feet, with a consistent style & format, and based on an educational vision about archetypal symbols, colors & sacred geometries. My goal is to create a school to pass on this perennial knowledge to the young generations.

This artwork has been the result of a spiritual journey of meditation and study of the sacred arts throughout the world. It originated in a spiritual vision in 1985 prompting me to birth 12 series of 12 (144) vibrational templates, of which 108 have been produced at this time. The purpose of this work is to activate, support and celebrate the global shift of consciousness towards a more holistic paradigm.

Would you be interested in discussing ways of managing this art collection and turning it into financial payback and educational projects?


Kindly review my website:
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The website documents various business avenues and projects to be pursued:
•    Selling the entire StarWheel Collection, under certain conditions.
•    Creating a public access interactive StarWheel Art Museum.
•    Selling the 13 StarWheel Special Editions, made from the original stencils.
•    Expanding the role & outreach of the StarWheel Foundation, founded in 1991.
•    Supporting the Sedona School of Sacred Arts & Sacred Geometry.
•    Publishing cards, prints, posters, coloring books, class books, and DVDs.
•    Finding a market for StarWheel image & computer animation lease.
•    The purchase of a property in the Sedona area, to be the start-up school.

I would love to discuss possibilities with an art agent / art collection manager who has experience with the international art market, both private, academic and corporate, and understands the aspects of spiritual education inherent in the StarWheel collection and vision.

Thank you for your ongoing interest in the Sacred Arts and their role in the transformation of consciousness.

Blessings to you from Aya.

The StarWheel Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit educational organization
PO Box 3714 – Sedona, AZ 86340