SW, A Yoga of Perception

The StarWheel collection provides a living library of sacred tools
functioning as doorways to higher / inner dimensions.


The StarWheels ask to be danced in order to reveal their gifts.


The dance can be fully embodied in the energetics of the energy body space. Refer to the many traditions of sacred dances, mudras, Qi Gong...

The dance can also be a yoga of perception, a practise of flexing the outer vision and switching it from the specialized focus upon physical reality / consensus to the inner "soft" perception of higher frequency realities.
The "stereogram pictures", recently made available in the West, are a technological yoga of perception: they teach how to widen the field of vision by focusing in front or in the back of the image (the "flatland" of appearances). The StarWheels are an archetypal yoga of perception / holo-ception: they teach how to bridge & merge inner and outer vision.

There also are ceremonial aspects to approaching
and using the StarWheels.

The StarWheels have been consciously created as vehicles for higher spiritual energies / beings to land upon and function within the human physical realm. Prayers, meditations and rituals of empowerment / activation are performed and offered during the process of designing and airbrushing the StarWheel mandalas. This "warranty" applies to the original "StarWheel Collection" pieces as well as to reproductions.

In the eastern indian tradition, mandalas and yantras (simplified mandalas) are infused with vital force (prana) through the use of elaborate ritual ceremonies involving purifications, incantations (mantras), sacred gestures (mudras) and offerings.

The goal is to invite the spiritual universe underlying sacred geometry & archetypal symbols to incarnate into the mandala / yantra which then becomes a vehicle for cosmic life force and higher consciousness.
What, phenomenally, is a 2-D object is transmuted into sacred temple grounds, ready to host holy happenings. The mandala is no longer "gross matter" veiling spirit but becomes the very power (shakti) of spirit sparking the mandala pilgrim. The empowering ceremony is complete when the mandala is made a living entity.

Approaching a StarWheel mandala with a spirit of sacredness changes the nature of the diagram: the consecration of the profane "canvas" invites a theophany (divine manifestation) where the mandala is a powerful interface between human & cosmos.

This is art alchemy,
an adventure sport requiring from its practitioners
the willingness to risk losing old paradigms
and past security systems.

Jump in through: you will always land within Yourself.