Sedona Visionary Projects

Sedona Visionary projects

Sedona, Arizona: A Global Spiritual Community
Emerging Visionary Educational & Cultural Projects in Sedona



In the last ten years, Sedona, Arizona, has become a global hub of spiritual culture & education. For an increasing number of american & international visitors coming to Sedona, the power and beauty of the surrounding natural landscape & rock formations is a jump-start to seek the beauty and power within their own spiritual nature.

Sedona, Arizona is not only becoming a global site of pilgrimage but is also turning into a thriving university of the spirit. New healthy life-styles & mind-sets, new technologies of holistic integration, new ways to process psychological & emotional challenges, breakthroughs in subtle energy detection, a vast array of alternative medical support... all blend with native american and world-wide traditional ceremonies ans spiritual knowledge to create within the greater Sedona a unique and living laboratory of the future.

Educational & cultural visionary realizations and projects abound in Sedona, as nurtured by the spirit of the place. Some are quite grounded and well known, some are only emerging but deserve to be known and supported. By weaving together the many creative strands within this community, Sedona may well be role-modeling a new global culture of eco-spiritual awareness and respect for life.

Many of the new visions and projects invite support to make their gift blossom to their full extent. Every being, in this inter-active holographic cosmic adventure on planet Earth, has a specific role in the global resonance, a unique and special contribution. It is time to bring together all the visions, people and resources necessary to make the new visions a coherent and efficient success on the local and global scene of re-awakening to the larger purpose of the human spirit. Education & service are key words.  Everyone of us, at this time of collective shift into a higher spiral of consciousness, is now called to fully embrace their full expansion. Let's make it a most joyful co-creation.


Emerging Visionary Educational & Cultural Projects in Sedona