MM6 Designing Stars and Flower Mandalas

Designing Stars and Flower mandalas

Once you have marked the symmetry points on the 360 º circle, you can not only draw out polygonal shapes but also “star” and “flower” type of shapes.



For star-like mandala patterns, draw out lines with acute (small) angles to an inner circle. You can experiment with making the inner circle larger or smaller and thus play with your star pattern.

For the penta-star, hepta-star, or dodeca-star, you can connect each summit with two opposite ones.


Example #1. 3-pointed Star.



Example #2.  5-pointed Star



Example #3.  12-pointed Star.




For flower-type of mandala patterns, find the midpoint between center and the geometric summits on the periphery. Place your compass with center on the midpoint and trace circle around the mandala.

You can also draw out an inner circle corresponding o the size of the flower design. This inner circle gets progressively smaller as the mandala has more symmetry points.


Example #1.  3-petals Flower



Example #2.  5-petals Flower



Example #3. 12-petals Flower




Below, we show two series of Star and Flower mandala designs. The left column is taking the origin at the top (zero degree point or 360º); the right column is taking the origin at the 180º point (or shifting the design).